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What’s up pussycat?

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


I’ve been trying to keep my chin up and stay positive. We are losing our programmer, my sister is getting really sick from the chemo combo she’s on and in our attempts at growing our company, well it seems the growing pains are getting to us! So anyone that knows ruby on rails, please email me. Seriously, I’m taking job inquiries through my blog so email me at

We have been shooting loads of content, no pun intended, and we have been having just too much fun with our whole bear cam idea. We just did our third installment for the Bear cam series on I don’t know if I had more fun buying the costuming or actually dressing the girls in the frilly dresses. Sooo fun.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 5.38.38 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-11 at 5.40.47 PM

Since last I bored you with the details of my life I have gone to the mountains for a quick Valentine’s vacation, driven to Vegas twice to take care of my sister, sold 18 orders of bras and panties through my website store, check out all the polaroids I did for them,
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 5.39.36 PM
attended a baby shower and we’ve done 15 production shoots. Not bad for 26 days. I was supposed to leave yesterday for my sister’s chemo treatment, her last one, but got tied down here at home, don’t get excited, no bondage just domestic drudgery. I may go ahead and drive out early in the morning since she is feeling badly today. I would like to think that I am doing it all for her but I honestly like helping and it makes me feel good to be there for her. Since I have been home these last few days the guilt is getting to me. Plus, how can I just relax? No way, relaxing is for pussies!

Here I am relaxing and having fun in my photo/video sets, that’s enough relaxing for me.


Beverly Hills, chemo, new sites and various shenanigans…

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

I have been a very naughty girl and haven’t been doing any blog updates lately. Bad bad girl, I need to be tied up and spanked real hard. Now that we’ve gotten my punishment over, let me begin to say how wonderfully crazy my life has been.

Last I checked in I was about to go to Beverly Hills to shoot for and most importantly, attend an art event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. World renowned artist Richard Prince and his publishing house/art and book store named Fulton Ryder along with Harper’s Books hosted an event at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan 23 to release Topless Pulp Fiction, a new publication by Fulton Ryder and little ‘ol me, Kelly Madison was the guest host. This was the invite that Richard created for the event. He used an iphone image of me that Ryan had posted on Twitter while we were in Cabo. So cool.


I was so honored. My dearest friend Dian Hansen was there and since the book was about reading topless, she easily got me to take off my top and do some fun posing.


Richard couldn’t attend due to weather conditions that evening so the adorable Fabiola who manages Fulton Ryder was my play thing. We did a few photos and sent them to Richard to show him what he was missing out on!


I went back the next evening and Richard introduced me to Larry Gagosian and Mario Sorrenti, and I hate to name drop but I just want to thank Richard for always being so kind and inviting me to these events. Here I am with Richard and Mario. Look at how when I’m nervous I scrunch my nose up like a rabbit. What a dork I am!


Later that evening I dined with Richard and his friends and associates at the Polo Lounge. I had a good time showing everyone at dinner what I had worked on that day.


She not only did the standing splits in our hotel suite but she did cartwheels down Hollywood Blvd. If you don’t believe me, check out the pornfidelity trailer

Later when I got home I discovered that there were photos of me that appeared on the Purple Magazine diary standing there topless with the photographer Tim Barber. Very cool experience.

BradElterman_Harper'sBooks_0000290 copie_700_0_resize-1

Once home, I put my shirt back on, packed my bags and headed to Vegas to help my sister. She happens to be on 2 of the harshest chemos out there, Cisplatin and Adriamycin, aka the “Red Devil,”. It isn’t a fun experience. She has lost her hair which isn’t a big deal but her constant nausea and overall general ill health because of the drugs is really getting her down. She has recently joined a support group and I couldn’t be prouder of her. Her attitude has taken a complete 180 and she is doing so much better than a few weeks ago when I went out to take care of her.

Upon my return from Vegas we began shooting for Sandee Westgate and her man Jared. I got them to do a bridal scene. Look how cute they are.


Then last week we shot 3 scenes for Brandi Love for her upcoming site with us. We had sexy naked men parading all through our company. I shot this after her scene with Bruce Venture and Ryan happened to have just gotten out of the shower as well. See, Ryan likes being topless too!


Again, sorry for my lack of communication. I’ve been so busy doing things that I haven’t had time to do any reporting on things.

International porn player

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Well if you consider a short 2 hour flight to a place where you swear a piece of Orange County California just broke off and floated down the Pacific is an International destination, well then sure, I am an International traveler! Cabo is just that and a bit more. The place is beautiful but I do find that everyone speaks English and the beers cost $6 so a traditional Mexican vacation it is not. What it is is beyond safe to travel to, gorgeous weather, fun stuff to do and it is a favorite quick vacation spot for me. I haven’t been able to go for several years because I couldn’t leave my dog with anyone while he was ill. Trust me, there were a few times I thought I might sneak his 110 pound ass inside a suitcase and smuggle him in with me but staying home with him all those years was worth all the love I received.


I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for an adventure. It was an adventure just trying to get there. Brandi Love was supposed to fly down with my husband and crew to film for her new site. She NEVER doesn’t show but she had some issues and had to cancel last minute. I was going down the next day to merely assist with the shoots and maybe sneak in a few solos. That wasn’t the case now so Monday after Ryan and some of our crew were already down there waiting for someone to shoot I assisted our camera guy Matt last minute at the Federal Building to get his missing in action passport, packed up my clothes, stuck the dogs in the doggie spa and hopped on a plane ready to shoot some porn, lots of porn.

The minute we got to the airport we began shooting. Not even first class seating stopped the cameras. Then we landed and took a private SUV to the hotel and filmed 2 video intros and 1 hardcore scene in the penthouse’s beautiful library. Yep, this place we own the first week of every year has it’s own library covered floor to ceiling in wood and it has a fish tank.

We ordered in fish tacos and called it a night.

The next day we filmed on the beach, at poolside, up in the media room which has a pool table and out in the garden. Yes, it has it’s own top story garden with trees and grass and a seating area, the place is ridiculous. The last scene was in the pool where Ryan and I splish splashed around and then we took the crew out on the town. Filming, of course.


Next morning a quick “hungover and horny” style video with Ryan got put in the can and then packed up our wonderful crew and shipped them out along with all the equipment.

3 hours later and after the cleaning crew hit the place hard, Ryan’s family arrived. Ryan and I were so tired we stayed in and just enjoyed the private pool, our bedroom over looking Land’s End and enjoying a glass of wine.

The rest of the stay was very relaxing. His family is great but I have to admit I was READY to come home on Monday. Even though I had a doggie 24hr live cam I missed the little buggers and I had to attend to some financial matters and get back to running a business. I have been home a few short days and now I am off to Vegas for the AVN show and I’ll be staying a few days to take care of my sister. Her 4th chemo treatment is Monday. I shall return Wednesday to shoot video of the lovely Sandee Westgate and her handsome man and then off to Beverly Hills.

I am so excited about the trip to Beverly Hills, you have no idea. I like surprises so I’ll keep this one under wraps and tell you more about it when I get back from Vegas.

I’ll get some pics while in Vegas and this week I am the model and update for and the first Cabo video and photos went up. There are two more week’s worth of Cabo content so don’t miss it. We worked our little Mexican behinds off for you!

To Denver and back!

Sunday, December 15th, 2013


It was time for our annual trip to a new city to watch a football game for Ryan’s birthday and this year we picked Denver. We both wanted to see Peyton play before he retires so we booked our flight and hotel and off we went! We left on Wednesday and we were there for the Thursday night game against the Chargers. We thought for sure the Broncos were going to win. We had on our blue and orange gear rooting for the home team from the end zone where we were sitting even though we are from Cali and the Chargers SHOULD be considered our home team, but whatever, the fun is going to a new city and being a part of all the excitement. We were sitting so close I thought I could reach out and grab Peyton Manning’s saggy ass! Even though we lost, the game was awesome and the city was great and I enjoyed getting away from all my troubles here at home. We flew back last night and now I am trying to catch up on work and for Christmas planning and shopping which I regret to say I’ve done very little for so far. Thank god for the Internet and shipping guaranteed by Christmas.

This is a sample of my newest update, “In From The Cold”. It was cold, alright. The hat and the boots weren’t doing much, it got much nicer when I was able to take off my clothes and hang out in front of the fireplace.




I feel I have already gotten everything that I want for Christmas. I just got to travel and stay in a beautiful hotel, my husband and doggies are healthy, I love what I do for a living, we received a total of 37 nominations from AVN and Xbiz, I have fantastic employees, great new partners for some new sites coming up, and the biggest news ever – my sister’s large tumor in her left lung has shrunk from 8cm to 4cm in just a matter of weeks – Gooooo Chemo! So Santa, don’t bother stopping by my house, I’m good.

Awards, Updates, Nursing and more…

Thursday, October 24th, 2013


Hello Everyone, reporting in live from Las Vegas where I have transformed into my alter ego, Nurse Kelly for reals this time. Usually this time of year I am dressing up as Nurse Kelly and having my way with the good Dr. but alas I am my sister’s nurse instead. She went in for removal of her uterine cancer last Wednesday and I have been by her side ever since. I will be staying with her until this coming Monday. Her surgery went well but her recovery was slow at first but now she is walking and doing great. We find out today what her chemo schedule will look like. Fingers crossed it won’t be too severe and she should be on her way to a happy healthy life!


I am happy to say I updated my site last week with a “Breast Appreciation” episode. Number 8 went up last Friday and to my surprise, it was almost 3 years since my last one! I would have bet you a million bucks I did some last year but no, it has been way too long. I am definitely bringing back those kind of shoots for 2014 which is just around the corner. Really, where the hell has this year gone? 2013 only has a few months left to it. How can that be? It was just 4th of July last week, I swear. Above is a sample of the “Appreciciation #8” video/photo shoot and below is a photo from “Miami Bitch” the week prior. Both are slow and sensual breast accentuating videos involving lotion and toys and slow motion action. These were made for my breast lovers out there. It can’t be all about the cock worship ALL the time…


I have been so wonderfully blessed by this industry lately. I got to present at the Sex Awards as I mentioned in my prior postings and I was blessed that I along with my company had several nominations. I really enjoyed myself that night. I was able to see the girls in the industry that I just adore like Bonnie Rotten and Alexis Texas and Allison Moore who I presented with and Sandee Westgate and her sexy man Jared. I was with my “crew” that night and Brandi Love was my hot date and it was a long needed wonderful girls night out. I started off in a long Halston navy dress for the presenting and then afterwards I changed into a little gold dress and thank god I did because everyone was stepping on my long dress and I just couldn’t take it any longer. Plus it was more fun to move around in and get nasty.


We stayed at the Roosevelt and stayed up way past our bedtimes that evening, poor Brandi never did get any sleep and she was out the door by 4:00AM and on a plane for Florida to attend the Nightmoves show. Surprisingly, I won for “Best Boobs” at that Nightmoves awards show, I should have gotten on the plane with Brandi to accept it in person. Next time! Thank you to AVN and X3sixty for allowing me to be a part of the Sex Awards and thank you so much Nightmoves and all that voted for me granting me my big win. Woo hoo!

IMG_1142 Photo I sent to Ryan the other night from inside my sister’s bathroom.

I like sexting my husband.

Getting older but not acting like it!

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

My birthday has come and gone and even though I turned 46 I just don’t feel it. I have been on the go for so long and I just don’t feel like slowing down one single bit. What a traveler I’ve been lately. We went to Mammoth on my birthday weekend, Vegas the next weekend to visit my sisters over the Labor Day holiday and last weekend I went down to Coronado Bay and saw Dave Matthew’s Band in concert and then hung out at the hotel with Ryan and the doggies for a much needed rest. I have so much to catch up on with you about. I buried my doggy while up in Mammoth.
Ryan made him a gravestone and we buried his ashes in his favorite meadow. Here is his eternal view, not bad, huh?


Not all was depressing in the Mountains, I also had a lot of fun with Ryan and the dogs and did a few video shoots and went hiking and got a massage at the spa and almost got eaten by a bear. OK, maybe he didn’t want to eat me but he did want to eat the fish that Ryan caught that he was barbecuing on the grill : )

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 10.29.25 AM

Can you tell we had a similar theme for the 2 shoots, Naked Breasts!


By the way if you are a Dave Matthews Band fan seeing them live in concert is absolutely amazing. That was the best birthday gift ever, thank you honey! Ryan and our 2 dogs chilled at down at Coronado Bay and watched the boats sail by and relaxed by the pool and took the dogs on a bunch of long walks and ordered room service and made love. Not a bad way to spend 3 days.

Everything is going really well business wise and I’m super excited about the future. I have so much more to tell you but I have to get back to shooting. Here is a sample of what I’m doing today…


Yep, more boobies!

Lots of important dates!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

My wedding anniversary was on 4/13 and how does a couple who just completed their first ever Hardcore Porn “Get My Belt” do now? “We go to Disneyland!”, yep, and that’s just what we did. We checked into the Disney Grand California resort and spa on Saturday the 13th. First off, let me just say that a fancy name and a $600 room rate doesn’t mean shit at Disney. The room sucked. It was no better than a standard room at a Best Western if even that and should have cost no more than $100. Our balcony overlooked Downtown Disney but it wasn’t very impressive.Thank god we got out of there quick and dumped our bags off and headed to the park. We had a lot of fun. We ate giant turkey legs, ran around like a couple of kids and drank beer while waiting to get on the rides, (still couldn’t get over the fact we could drink at the California Adventure Park and there were tons of people with baby strollers just walking around with beers, very odd indeed). OK, so rides were awesome and the company was the best. Ryan and I haven’t spent quality time together just being goofy and laughing.

Right before getting on the ride the Tower of Terror

Mickey Ears and all…

I would have written about my grossly overpriced Disney vacation earlier but I had to leave early on Tuesday for a big photo shoot adventure out in the desert. We had 4 days of straight filming. At 45 I still don’t know how I do it. Just alone on Thursday I had 7 outfit changes which means 7 various shoots. The days began around 7AM and ended around 8PM and then I would make dinner for the crew and clean up. Oh yeah, I also brought my 3 dogs with me. They were soooo dirty when we got home. I was exhausted on Friday but it didn’t matter, those dogs got a bath and then I collapsed. Here we are being weird as usual. And “NO, that isn’t one of my dogs, it is an app on Ry’s phone!”

Probably THE most important date just happened yesterday, Trey’s 13th Birthday. He made it, that damn dog did it. My goal was to get my sickly dog to 13 and not only is he 13, he is cancer free, he is as healthy as a pup and I am now grateful for each day longer that he is on this planet with me. We had a little b-day celebration last night for him.

Since his radiation burn is still healing, he is continuing to wear t-shirts. I got him this one to wear yesterday to the vet and for his party.

I’m off to go to the office now and spray some termite stuff on our new country shack set. We brought in some old stumps and made a bed out of them and I don’t want any critters jumping out and getting into my new wood walls. That is actually what inspired last week’s update, “Bio hazzard blowjob”. I really did buy that mask and I am going to spray poison in my room but the guys thought the mask was cool so an idea was born. Hope you liked it, I really did. I love Ryan in that creepy old fashioned mask. It turned me on soooo much. I really am sick!

What an amazing thing happened!

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Over a week ago a dear friend by the name of Dian Hansen contacted me. I haven’t heard from her for a while and haven’t seen her since the book signing for the 3-D version of “The Big Book of Breasts” that she so graciously had me do the cover photo for several years ago with the photographer Ed Fox. Dian is an editor and writer and knower of all people who are creative and wonderful and works for Taschen and so she calls me and says she has been contacted by Richard Prince who wants to photograph me. “Are you kidding?”, I ask. “THE Richard Prince. the world famous artist? ” and she replies “yes”. I come to find out that he has been trying to track me down for a few years but Dian was unaware of the person he was describing. So low and behold she sets up the appointment for us to meet.

I very excitedly and nervously drive up to Beverly Hills to meet the two of them for lunch at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We meet and he is open and funny and makes me feel so comfortable. We go up to his suite and take a few photos and it all felt like a dream. Richard Prince then invites me to his art opening at the Gagosian gallery and asks if I would also like to attend the private dinner at Mr. Chow’s afterwards and invites my husband as well. “Uh, yes” is what I could barely get out of my lips. In my mind I’m thinking “hell fucking yes I want to go to the gallery, I fucking love art and I have been a fan of yours for quite some time and I am so stoked you are including me in with your personal guests. The answer is a definite YES!”

OK, so this takes place on Tuesday and the gallery opening is on Thursday. Ryan and I drive up, we have a glass of wine and some appies at Villa Blanca and then head over to the gallery. The show is great. The gallery is packed. We first came across Pamela Anderson and then there is just a barrage of celebrity attendees and as the night continues, the level of celebrity increases exponentially with time. Just to get an idea, check out the world famous photographer Terry Richardson’s blog and you’ll get my drift. Me not being a world famous photographer and friend to all these people I found it not a good move to get out my camera so I’ll let his work speak for me, so to speak.

We then all meet up at the gallery and stroll down to Mr. Chow’s but not before being stopped by Tommy Lee Jones who stops and talks with Richard and then we enter the restaurant where Richard introduces me to John Waters who of course I am a huge fan of and I go to take my seat and I find out that Ryan and I are sitting at Richard’s table. Vera Wang was there and I had a better seat than her. Later that night Sir Elton John comes over to the table and it was a slew of who is who is the art and entertainment world the entire evening.

Meanwhile, I’m never been one to be star struck. That wasn’t the highlight of the night. It was the kindness and generosity and the new friendship I was able to experience in meeting Richard Prince and him including me in such a special occasion. The other celebs were merely icing on the cake. The best was just sitting and talking at lunch on that Tuesday and shooting with him afterwards.

But that’s what has been going on in my life. Pretty fun.

AVN, Dog Drama, and doing the nasty…

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Wow, I really suck. I have not even shared a single photo from AVN with you guys as of yet. OK, I’ll quit being a LAZY ass and get these posted. First, let me say that going to Vegas with just the girls was the BEST idea I ever had. My girls are easy as fuck to hang with. So much fun, no drama, no having to wait on the dudes or having to behave while in Vegas. Yeah baby.

As I said, myy girls are awesome and they drove in to Vegas late Friday night while I was shooting porn. Mama’s got to work. I got on a plane early Saturday morning and ran into one of the guys from We Fresh Mints on my plane that had made a rap a few years ago for our porfidelity site. If you haven’t heard it, it is awesome. He said that he and his partner have a new rap for me, I’m dying to hear it. We hung out at the airport pick-up area both waiting for our rides. I loved meeting him in person.

These photos are from the actual convention that we attended for just a few hours on Saturday. I didn’t sign at our booth due to my ill dog but lucky me got to pay for part of our booth anyway. That’s what happens when you own your own production company, whether you are there or not you get the bill, can’t complain I got motorboated : )

This is the “All Girl Gang” before we got in our limo to attend the awards after my Kelly Madison Media team did their magic on me:

And here is a shot of me on the red carpet.

I, of course had to search out my long lost bestie Puma Swede on the red carpet and luckily ran into Fat Mike as well from NOFX and his hot as hell girlfriend (wife?) and their very charming and diminutive slave.

After the awards we had our driver hit Taco Bell where I tore my constricting corset top off while in the car and paid for our food topless. Those photos will be in my BTS section for January. You’ll have to wait for those, sorry.

Then it was home the next morning at the crack-o-dawn to take care of my little guy. He’s just so damn cute. Yes, that is the radiation burn that I am nursing on him and it isn’t pretty. Hide your eyes you have a queasy tummy.

Whoa stomach, right? Tell me about it, this is a month after the radiation treatment ceased. Thank god I have him on pain meds.

After that nastiness, I had to give you something hopefully better to look at, this a photo from last week’s episode called “Gymboobie”, actually I was just trying to get in shape for AVN:

I was so excited to see my husband when I got home. It was fun with the girls but “doing the nasty” with him when I came home was a nice homecoming to say the least. Thanks for being patient on my blog updates. Sometimes I just think my life is too boring to pour it all out on the Internet. I forget that is my job. I am a child, so to speak, of the Internet. I wouldn’t have the wonderful life I have without people out there that are actually interested in little ‘ol me so thanks everybody. Kisses!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

(OMG my dogs look miserable and this was the best pic!, btw, trey isn’t fat, that is a fuzzy beard attached to his hat)

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. The holidays were sort of nothing but work work work and more work. Saturday the 22nd we had our work party and ironically, that wasn’t any work at all, it was a Blast! We a DJ and a beautiful dinner and open bar (the drinkers all had designated drivers or cabs) and we played the money wheel game and gave away thousands of dollars to our employees and their significant others. We also had an ugly Christmas sweater contest, Laura won with her Mrs. Santa with a secret under her skirt – a big cock that is! She won the $100 prize. Next year I think we’ll have more participants knowing there is a cash prize. I had so much I can barely remember the details : )

The day after the work party was my husband’s extended family’s party with 9 children all under the age of 10. We brought gifts for all of them and did an exchange gift game between the men and then between the women. Fun but exhausting having 2 parties in a row.

The next day was Christmas eve and I drove my baby down to Carlsbad for his radiation treatment. I then drove home in tons of traffic, finished wrapping gifts, handed out gifts to my neighbors and got dressed up and went to dinner in Seal Beach and had another gift exchange party afterwards with Ryan’s parent’s best friends and Ryan’s cousin’s family. Then drove home late only to find my 2 parakeets dead. Lovely evening…

I stayed up wrapping and packing and burying and finally went to bed around 2AM. I then awoke to get my sister who had been staying with me since the 22nd to doggy sit while I was painting the town red all those evenings. I got her packed into my truck along with her dog and sent them down to Carlsbad to visit my niece and be there with her and her son while he opened up his gifts. This was his 2nd Christmas but last year he was just an infant. So much more fun when they can open their own gifts!

I then finished packing my husband up to go to his parents and packed myself and Trey and Tommy and headed down to Carlsbad for Trey’s radiation appointment, yes, I know, can you believe they were open on Christmas day? I took Tommy and checked into our beachfront hotel and met up with my sister and Tommy’s brother Beau and took the hounds for a walk along the beach. Absolutely beautiful sunset. I then left to pick up Trey and settled all 3 dogs in for the evening and drove about 15 minutes over to see my niece and meet up with my other sister. So it was the 3 yayas as we call ourselves for Christmas evening. We all 3 went back to our hotel and chilled out with some wine and some relax time.

I then awoke and packed and took Trey for radiation and then me and my sister Cheryl met with our future business partner on a new venture I am doing. As if I have time : O

The meeting went well, we packed up and I got Trey and headed home. It is all a bit of a blur after that. I finished up Trey’s last radiation appointment on Friday the 29th. All I know is that I haven’t stopped and I ended up getting sick. It was sort of expected. I spent the weekend sick but I really didn’t slow down. I had Ryan’s parents over on the 31st and then after they left I did a shoot for Hey, the show must go on. I’m going to take it easy this weekend and just spend it taking care of Trey. His radiation burn is huge and oozing. My flu is raging and I need to just take one day at a time right now.

Happy New Year to you all and wish you all the best. Stay healthy in this nasty flu season and please pray for my baby Trey and that is cancer is gone. He got the cutest bandana on his graduation day that says “Hug me, I’m a cancer survivor”. It made me cry.

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