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Mountains or Mole hills?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


I chose this title because looking back at the last month or so a lot of problems I imagined as difficult mountains really have turned out to be nothing at all and all the daunting tasks became fun challenges that I actually enjoyed doing.

So with that said let me catch you up on things. Last I wrote I had just gotten back from my birthday trip to Rancho Santa Fe. Soon after we got home we had a major leak from the 2nd floor down to the basement. This is the 2nd time this has happened and we thought it was fixed. I called out the plumber and after putting two holes right where I just repaired it from last time, alas they found no leak. Come to find out, the last model that we shot somehow left the shower door open and had the shower head pointed outside the shower and got the floor all wet enough to soak down 2 floors! Again, thought it was a huge mountain, nah just a mole hill that cost me $500 to repair.

Ryan and I had our annual trip planned to June Lake to shoot some content for my site and get out into the great outdoors. Right before going I decided to re-do my wood deck by the pool. Well there ended up being a few hick-ups in the process and it cost more than originally planned and took much longer to do and then all of a sudden our pool began to lose inches of water a day. We ended up having a major leak in one of the pipes under the newly done deck but it wasn’t construction related, just random. Everything got fixed and the mountain-like problem ended up being nothing but a busted pipe that luckily we could get to without destroying all the work done.

I have avoided a few other tragedies as well this past month. I also learned a good lesson from them all: Not all things are as they appear and if you keep level headed and positive the solutions come to you with ease.

So now I am taking on a badly needed roof repair, new windows in the master bedroom, and some long overdue landscaping. I just signed a contract for new Internet which is no easy task when your house has absolutely no cable or fiber going to it. All of it has to be brought in by telephone pole. But after long negotiations with the City and with Time Warner I refuse to pay $96,000 for coax cable to be put in the road and instead worked out a deal with AT&T for 5 times the bandwidth I was getting before for less than what I was paying and I’ll have no construction costs or headaches. Wheh!

So enough with my boring life. Let’s get back to what I enjoy doing most which is entertaining my fans. I did shoot a few scenes up in the mountains as well as some photo/video shoots when I was in Rancho. I also updated a shoot I did with Julia Ann that I wanted to share with the members of, she was my first porn girl crush. I really love her. She is a good person inside and beautiful in every way.

Here a few photos from it all:


I have also written a few more articles for Level Magazine that I wish to share with you. I’ll post them in the coming days. Take care and remember, what you focus on, you create. Focus on the problems and not the solutions and the problems just gets worse.

Men’s Health and hand healing…

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Woo hoo, I got interviewed by Men’ Health Magazine online. The article is about what are you doing for Summer Vacation. Here’s the link to check it out, I’m #31.

And after working on Sunday Ryan and I were walking around our property checking out all the new spring growth and a bee must have attached itself on to my fuzzy robe and as I got some water out of the frig in my kitchen a bee jumped off my robe and flew at my hand and as I swiped it away it stung me between my index and middle finger. We pulled out the huge stinger but not before it pumped a load of it’s poison in to me. I’m allergic to bees come to find out, thank god not the deathly type of allergy but a site allergy. My hand hurt and swelled up and turned my fingers black and blue and my wrist and lower arm swelled up too. It kept getting bigger and bigger instead of getting better even with taking 2 benedryl’s 3 times a day. The skin started to ulcerate so I went to the doctor’s and got some steroids and some ant-itch cream and a Tetanus shot. My hand is now healing but I’ve got dead arm. Typing has been a bitch. I’ve been the one handed bandit the last 3 days. Here is a shot of my hand from yesterday. I swear the photo looks way better than it did in real life.

I certainly won’t be hand modeling any time soon, or any hand jobs for that matter. I guess you only need one hand for a hand job but my right one is too tired from doing the work for both!

Lots of important dates!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

My wedding anniversary was on 4/13 and how does a couple who just completed their first ever Hardcore Porn “Get My Belt” do now? “We go to Disneyland!”, yep, and that’s just what we did. We checked into the Disney Grand California resort and spa on Saturday the 13th. First off, let me just say that a fancy name and a $600 room rate doesn’t mean shit at Disney. The room sucked. It was no better than a standard room at a Best Western if even that and should have cost no more than $100. Our balcony overlooked Downtown Disney but it wasn’t very impressive.Thank god we got out of there quick and dumped our bags off and headed to the park. We had a lot of fun. We ate giant turkey legs, ran around like a couple of kids and drank beer while waiting to get on the rides, (still couldn’t get over the fact we could drink at the California Adventure Park and there were tons of people with baby strollers just walking around with beers, very odd indeed). OK, so rides were awesome and the company was the best. Ryan and I haven’t spent quality time together just being goofy and laughing.

Right before getting on the ride the Tower of Terror

Mickey Ears and all…

I would have written about my grossly overpriced Disney vacation earlier but I had to leave early on Tuesday for a big photo shoot adventure out in the desert. We had 4 days of straight filming. At 45 I still don’t know how I do it. Just alone on Thursday I had 7 outfit changes which means 7 various shoots. The days began around 7AM and ended around 8PM and then I would make dinner for the crew and clean up. Oh yeah, I also brought my 3 dogs with me. They were soooo dirty when we got home. I was exhausted on Friday but it didn’t matter, those dogs got a bath and then I collapsed. Here we are being weird as usual. And “NO, that isn’t one of my dogs, it is an app on Ry’s phone!”

Probably THE most important date just happened yesterday, Trey’s 13th Birthday. He made it, that damn dog did it. My goal was to get my sickly dog to 13 and not only is he 13, he is cancer free, he is as healthy as a pup and I am now grateful for each day longer that he is on this planet with me. We had a little b-day celebration last night for him.

Since his radiation burn is still healing, he is continuing to wear t-shirts. I got him this one to wear yesterday to the vet and for his party.

I’m off to go to the office now and spray some termite stuff on our new country shack set. We brought in some old stumps and made a bed out of them and I don’t want any critters jumping out and getting into my new wood walls. That is actually what inspired last week’s update, “Bio hazzard blowjob”. I really did buy that mask and I am going to spray poison in my room but the guys thought the mask was cool so an idea was born. Hope you liked it, I really did. I love Ryan in that creepy old fashioned mask. It turned me on soooo much. I really am sick!

Seriously Lagging…

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I’m ashamed. I just glanced at the date I did my last blog and quite honestly, I suck. I have so much to tell you that I fear I will bore you with all that has been going on. It has been a while since we have been this busy here at Kelly Madison Media. We have been shooting our butts off creating tons of content for, shooting another production for Brazzers, and as always, shooting for plus now we will be updating every week instead of every other week so that adds a few more production days on to the month. I’ve also been working on my new Members section that is well overdue by about 5 years as well as completing our first hardcore/bondage inspired DVD entitled “Get My Belt” of which this is the 3rd installment, please view the free trailer. To prove to you how hard I’ve been working, check out my beautiful nails last Friday. I had to take my acrylics off because my nails kept breaking while putting up wood paneling in one of our sets. I think sanding, staining, and antiquing a table and set of chairs is what really did a doozy on my poor hands.

My husband also bought a rusty old troft and assured me it was water tight. I poured the water in and out it came all over my newly rustic table. I then used that foam stuff from Home Depot used in construction that fills up holes without wearing gloves. Not pretty but I am quite proud of my new Old West set with all our newly acquired antique tools and such. Kind of want to use that hammer on Ryan!

On a prettier note, we rented an old car and shot up in LA and in Orange 2 weeks ago. We did 2 different scenes and Ryan and I both fell in love with the old Cadillac, and so did the doggies. After returning home we went for a joy ride with the kids. I think I see an old Cadillac in my future very soon…

I’ve had 3 updates posted on my site since last I checked in as well as a behind the scenes update from all the activity in the month of February. Here’s a sample of what’s gone up. “Titty Trecking” “Spa-gasm” and “February BTS”. Can you tell which is which? : )

To speak the obvious, I’m dog tired. In fact, the whole fam is tired. These are a few photos I snapped with my phone this past Sunday morning.

We all got up at 7AM but everyone went back to sleep by 10:30AM. We didn’t rest for long, it was off to the vet for mani/pedis and anal glands and then off to the park and then gluten free grocery shopping for the week.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

(OMG my dogs look miserable and this was the best pic!, btw, trey isn’t fat, that is a fuzzy beard attached to his hat)

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. The holidays were sort of nothing but work work work and more work. Saturday the 22nd we had our work party and ironically, that wasn’t any work at all, it was a Blast! We a DJ and a beautiful dinner and open bar (the drinkers all had designated drivers or cabs) and we played the money wheel game and gave away thousands of dollars to our employees and their significant others. We also had an ugly Christmas sweater contest, Laura won with her Mrs. Santa with a secret under her skirt – a big cock that is! She won the $100 prize. Next year I think we’ll have more participants knowing there is a cash prize. I had so much I can barely remember the details : )

The day after the work party was my husband’s extended family’s party with 9 children all under the age of 10. We brought gifts for all of them and did an exchange gift game between the men and then between the women. Fun but exhausting having 2 parties in a row.

The next day was Christmas eve and I drove my baby down to Carlsbad for his radiation treatment. I then drove home in tons of traffic, finished wrapping gifts, handed out gifts to my neighbors and got dressed up and went to dinner in Seal Beach and had another gift exchange party afterwards with Ryan’s parent’s best friends and Ryan’s cousin’s family. Then drove home late only to find my 2 parakeets dead. Lovely evening…

I stayed up wrapping and packing and burying and finally went to bed around 2AM. I then awoke to get my sister who had been staying with me since the 22nd to doggy sit while I was painting the town red all those evenings. I got her packed into my truck along with her dog and sent them down to Carlsbad to visit my niece and be there with her and her son while he opened up his gifts. This was his 2nd Christmas but last year he was just an infant. So much more fun when they can open their own gifts!

I then finished packing my husband up to go to his parents and packed myself and Trey and Tommy and headed down to Carlsbad for Trey’s radiation appointment, yes, I know, can you believe they were open on Christmas day? I took Tommy and checked into our beachfront hotel and met up with my sister and Tommy’s brother Beau and took the hounds for a walk along the beach. Absolutely beautiful sunset. I then left to pick up Trey and settled all 3 dogs in for the evening and drove about 15 minutes over to see my niece and meet up with my other sister. So it was the 3 yayas as we call ourselves for Christmas evening. We all 3 went back to our hotel and chilled out with some wine and some relax time.

I then awoke and packed and took Trey for radiation and then me and my sister Cheryl met with our future business partner on a new venture I am doing. As if I have time : O

The meeting went well, we packed up and I got Trey and headed home. It is all a bit of a blur after that. I finished up Trey’s last radiation appointment on Friday the 29th. All I know is that I haven’t stopped and I ended up getting sick. It was sort of expected. I spent the weekend sick but I really didn’t slow down. I had Ryan’s parents over on the 31st and then after they left I did a shoot for Hey, the show must go on. I’m going to take it easy this weekend and just spend it taking care of Trey. His radiation burn is huge and oozing. My flu is raging and I need to just take one day at a time right now.

Happy New Year to you all and wish you all the best. Stay healthy in this nasty flu season and please pray for my baby Trey and that is cancer is gone. He got the cutest bandana on his graduation day that says “Hug me, I’m a cancer survivor”. It made me cry.

Turkey, dogs, and blood?

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Yeah, one holiday down, 2 to go. Hope you had a fabulous turkey day for those of you in the U.S. I had a great day, thank you, I thought I was going to be home alone with the doggies but at the last minute I changed my mind. My boy Trey was doing awesome so I loaded up all 3 dogs and joined Ryan in attending his family’s festivities. I am so glad I went. Trey even went for a walk around the entire park after dinner.

I hope you enjoy my latest update on of the business woman gone bad. I was inspired by a recent trip to Beverly Hills. I was at Neiman Marcus while in between my two appointments there in town and had a drink with my hairdresser / stylist Carissa. There is a restaurant and bar on the 3rd floor that has the best martinis. There was a hot guy there and he was looking over at us. We kinda flirted back but I had to leave but I kept wondering about that hot guy. What if I got his number? Would I call him? Would he call me? Would I ever have an affair? Probably not ever but it was fun fantasizing that I was talking to him on the phone in my video. Got me pretty wet!

I just got home from a very exhausting day and I’m ready for a nap. Today we are shooting a crazy blood filled Xmas shoot for that turned into quite the production. I set up a large tent and hung lights, made signs, put up garland and installed bales of hay and bought 6 Christmas trees and hauled them around in my truck, created a christmas tree lot in the back of our production house, ordered special FX blood from Hollywood, repaired a chainsaw and basically worked my butt of the last few days setting up for this shoot. I had the help of Carissa and Cathy and the boys and we pulled it off. I can’t wait for you to see it. It goes up on the 21st of December.

I spent yesterday shooting of course. I was really in a bad mood for quite a while, though because things didn’t go my way, let’s just put it that way. I was totally rained out yesterday and I originally wanted to shoot my update in my brand new tree lot set that took me days to put together but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. Oh well, I had a splendid time shooting a Cougar Christmas in the warmth of my very own bedroom with the fireplace lit. Mmm, a nice big glass of red wine too!

Busy Beaver

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

I had to drive out to Vegas for a meeting and then drive back home that same day. Wow what a day. It all started on Sunday when I went to bed at midnight after taking the dogs to the vet for mani pedis and anal gland expression, I know, yuck! Then I got ready and did my hair and makeup and did a shoot which goes up next week. We used the GoPro camera in the kitchen, kinda funny, and kinda kinky. Then I finished up and made dinner and worked on the computer and then fell asleep only be awoken by a nagging alarm at 4:30 AM! I got up and got half-assed ready and got on the road and was in Vegas by 8:45 AM and then was at my meeting by 9:30. I went and visited my sister at her new job afterward and brought her co-workers a berry pie from Coco’s. Gotta win over the peeps. Then I crashed for a few hours at her house and then got back on the road home and arrived at 10:45 PM. I really haven’t stopped since. Yesterday and today was a crazy too and now I just want to go to bed after walking my dogs and taking out the trash but Noooo, I have to now get my ass on my elliptical and work out. Fuck me.

We are leaving to go to Mammoth and whenever we go somewhere it is like hell trying to get everything done. It seems as though the Universe is always working against us when we want to go on vacation. Actually, it isn’t a total vacation since I am shooting a few scenes while we are gone but it will be a vacation for the dogs. Then again, what day isn’t a vacation for these damn dogs. Seriously, when I die I am coming back as a dog with an owner like me. With that said, I’m going to go and kill myself on the elliptical, it was nice knowing you…

Where do I begin?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Life has been very interesting in July. It began with my dog having surgery and then complications arose. I spent all 4th of July by his side only to take him in that night to be be re-opened and sewed back up again. He is really mad at me and now with the antibiotics he doesn’t like to eat his food or any other food I try to give him, look how pissed he is with his ears back…

Then there are all the schedule changes that have had to be made in order for me to take care of the big guy. Shoots got cancelled and re-scheduled and every plan I tried to make got moved around. My sisters came out for my niece’s son’s Birthday which had to be cancelled due to him getting foot and mouth disease, yuck. Then they stayed with me all weekend and I entertained them which threw me off as well.

Good news is everything is working out really well with the new girl, Carissa. She does unbelievably good hair plus has great style and is such a hard worker and a nice person and very pretty. Did I mention she was pretty? We have been shopping and putting together some stuff for some cool vintage pinup style shoots not only for my site but for pornfidelity too. Can’t wait to show you guys.

I am also very much enjoying my girl Cathy back at work after a year away. It is nice to have help again with the houses, the pets and the sets and stuff. Not easy cleaning 2 houses with a combination of 9,000 square feet and over 2 acres by yourself! We have been cleaning like crazy not to mention washing 3 dog blankets a day, every day. God damn high maintenance dog!

We also hired a new guy to assist with editing. It is always fun having new people around. I really like our new group dynamics we have here at the company.

Speaking of the company, I am going up to LA today to meet with my accountant. Fun fun fun. Actually, it is fun and I really adore my accountant, David Beider. He puts up with all my craziness and keep my corporation in check.

Oh yeah, the birthday for the previously ill one year old was re-scheduled and we had a blast this past Saturday. The sisters came back out from Vegas and everyone was healthy and happy. Everyone I know or related to had a birthday in June and July. I am sort of birthdayed out. Oh shit, the new guy’s birthday is the end of the month. Geez, it is never going to end. Seriously, 10 birthdays in row? Come on…

I shot a scene for my site on Sunday and I have lots of shoots to do this week to catch up. The dog is better, all the birthdays are over, well, almost over and it is time to get these titties back to work.

Look what I got for Mother’s Day!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Hey, it may not excite you but this is my 3rd Dyson and I am very excited. My doggies have lots of hair so therefore my house has lots of hair so this is greatly in demand around here. I can’t wait to zoom around the house with it. Maybe I’ll do it naked…


Saturday, January 7th, 2012

OK, what is up with Tebow? Is God making him win because he is the luckiest SOB ever! I shot a scene for my site yesterday and got home just in time to see the end of the football game. I think my pose is a little off, need to work on it 🙂

So my dog Trey s sick still with pneumonia but life is getting less hectic. I see improvement in his health and we are getting caught up with work from all the holiday nonsense. In fact, I really enjoyed working yesterday out on the patio. We set up my big white antique looking bed on the patio and shot a scene while the sun was setting. The weather is so warm during the day. It doesn’t feel like winter at all. It has been in the 80’s for a few weeks now and even hit 90 degrees last week. I want to wear my sweaters, damn it!

I’m looking forward to things calming down and cooling down. The AVN show is coming up soon so the relief I aspire to attain won’t be coming my way until the end of the month, but that’s OK. AVN only happens once a year and it is the biggest event in the adult biz. Ryan is up for unsung male talent of the year and I really feel he deserves it. That guy works so hard. He works on the computer all day and all night and only stops programming and managing the websites and our affiliate program just long enough to shoot scenes for all 3 sites. He works way more than I do. He is a great husband, a great boss, and a great doggy daddy. He handles it all quite well and is very level headed and manages to cum multiple times in a scene. Now that’s talent 🙂

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