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I’m 48, Holy Shit!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


I don’t think there is enough olive oil in the world to keep me young but it doesn’t stop me from trying to slow down the clock. I just got back from a few days rest and relaxation and did a little bit of work, as in work I mean doing 2 nasty videos for you, hee hee, and now on my actual birthday I am ready to get back to work.

The media sensation of “Women of the Middle East” is still kicking butt. It went viral on the Internet so that’s a first for any of our productions. And so far the response has been great. Everything is going quite well as far as business is concerned and we came out this week with “Wanderlust” which was an idea I had about travel and cock hungry young women and what adventures they may find on the road.

Since my sister’s passing I sort of threw myself into our productions and now it is time to take care of some other pressing business issues like my website and putting together some fun stuff for the holidays for all my wonderful and loyal members. I love Halloween and it is just around the corner. Hmm, maybe Nurse Kelly needs to be brought back to life? I know just the Doctor to help me do it.


Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday emails today. I actually feel younger than I did last year. I definitely feel more grounded and less stressed. So many wonderful events are happening on the personal front. This weekend I am spending it with my sister Judi who is driving in from Vegas and we are then traveling down to Carlsbad for a day or two to visit her daughter. Then we are hopping on a train and visiting our aunt in Ventura. Next week I am flying up to Oregon to visit my dear friend Kristy and her wife Tina and their adorable kids. My life sort of sounds like the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I have to say I can’t complain I do love to travel. Plus I get to do a meet and greet for LEVEL magazine. I am happy to say Kristy’s magazine is doing great, check it out online here: LEVEL

This is the 3rd issue and I love writing for it. The next issue is in print right now. I wrote an article addressing a question from a subscriber on how to re-ignite his sex life with his wife. I loved tackling that issue, being married for 8 years and in a relationship for 16 and co-owning a business together the whole time has given me a lot of insight on how to keep a love affair going strong and it isn’t easy. No matter what you happen to do for a living. I’ll publish it on my site once it is out in print.

The article below is the first one I wrote back in May that I posted earlier on my blog.


I’ll get the other articles I wrote up in the next few days and give you a blow by blow of my Birthday / Dog holiday that I had in Rancho Santa Fe the last few days. Kisses and I am now going to go do Pilates, take a long hot shower, open a bottle of birthday wine and get some of these emails answered.

What I love about my 34FF breasts…

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Fleshbot asked me to give them 5 examples of why I love my breasts. It sort of took me aback because I don’t usually brag about “How much I looooove myself” or expound on how I appear but I given my career I should love these breasts of mine. So this is what I said:


1. First and foremost, these 34FF natural breasts made me famous! Which is ironic because when I was younger I contemplated a breast reduction so that I could be taken seriously in the business world, prior to my engaging in the adult industry. My Mother had her large breasts removed so it was always an option for me, obviously not any longer, unless I want to retire ; )


2. My 34FF breasts have come to define me and rather than fight it, I love it. I am so happy that my body is so different than most women. It makes me unique and sets me apart. Growing older makes me appreciate this so much more than my ignorance of my youth, wanting to be like all the other girls.


3. My 34FF breasts got me my husband. Just ask him, he is such a breast man and even admits he fell in love with them at first sight. Plus I can be very bossy and opinionated so having these large breasts keeps him from kicking me out of the house.

4. My 34FF breasts allow me more leeway in gaining and losing 5 to 10 pounds. They get a tiny bit bigger but pretty much stay the same and having these large breasts sometimes camouflages a few pounds around the middle. And as a nude model, having some sort of freedom time to time in how my body appears is a gift in itself. So basically big tits allows you to gain a few pounds and no one seems to mind, just as long as when I lose those ten pounds the breasts stay large and full and round.


5. I would love to say it is easy to find clothes that fit me but I would be amiss. I do however enjoy getting dressed up and feeling sexy and having large breasts can make a boring snug fitting sweater dress look really good. Could I then say that these tig ‘ol bitties are a fashion accessory? I think so. Big breasts can make even a boring old t-shirt look sexy. So for that I am very grateful.


That’s about it, I think most women have a love/hate relationship with their breasts. When I want to go golfing – hate ‘em, when I get dressed up and I am shooting content for my site – love ‘em.


Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Are you feeling HOT HOT HOT? I sure the hell am! It is over 110 degrees today. My slip on wedgie sandals made of rubber almost melted to the pavement today while I was walking through the grocery store parking lot. It is just unbearable. I have been working with my crew these last 2 weeks preparing the sets for our 500th episode and we just had to put all the outside labor on hold for a while until this heat wave passes. We have enough to do indoors so its not like the machine needs to stop. In fact, I’ve been up 12 feet high on a ladder staple gunning up fabric for the last 3 days and we laid the floors yesterday. Hmm, what could I be making? Not gonna tell. You just have to wait until the end of July for Pornfidelity’s 500th Episode Extravaganza! While most people are preparing for their 4th of July holiday, we are busy here getting ready for our shoot July 18, 19th and 20th. We are actually filming 3 additional days, one of which we did this past Thursday and one on the 5th of July and another probably on the 13th so all in all we are doing about 6 full productions shoot days, hiring a total of 6 awesome sexy female talent, yes I said 6 so counting myself and Ryan it will be an 8-some, and buying a shit ton of props and busy creating 16 costumes. I wish I could spend all day on the computer but I have to get my ass back up and get this all done. Ryan took these photos of me looking like an over worked wreck just before he left today to shoot a scene. I’m slaving away today on the preparations for the 500th and Ryan is working like a dog today as well, the poor guy, he has to go and have sex with a hot little 19 year old. Don’t ya just feel for him : )

Radio, Steampunk, Sin City and Porn Site

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Hey guys, I was llive on the this week. It was really fun. Of course I was stuck at the vet with the dog on Tuesday so I had to call in from the car, I really wanted to call in from home so I could be naked! Oh well, next time maybe…

I just put on my newest video entitled “Off the Rails”. It is a steampunk style video and Ryan plays the evil Victor Van Madison and trust, me he is off the rails. While filming down at the train tracks I dared him to jump on a fast moving train and he fucking did it! He jumped on the train and rode it quite a ways and then finally jumped off. The train was going pretty fast so I thought I might have to drive to the next county or state to pick him up once the train slowed down but the crazy guy jumped back off. The video turned out great and Ryan is alive to shoot yet another scene!

I’m on my way to Las Vegas for my sister’s surprise birthday party. I packed up my sick dogs and all their shit and I’m off. I swear I have more medicine and special dog food and dog beds and crap jammed in my car. Meanwhile I have one tiny little bag. I am so low maintenance, my dogs on the other hand, are, uh, a handful!

I have been slaving away on my website. I have gone through over 600 episodes to organize and re-master the videos in order to finish my new member’s section. I have over 950 updates on my website to go through. Each photo and story and video all has to be organized and re-numbered and in a lot of cases re-edited to a newer format so it is just taking forever! I promise it will be done soon. I am so sick of looking at myself I could gouge my eyes out. I just still can’t get over how much bigger my breasts have gotten since I started my website back in 2000. Crazy.

Well, I’m outta here. Kisses to all and to all a great weekend!

Happy Easter to all you bunnies and chicks!

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

We worked late into the wee hours of the morning and Easter Sunday has come upon us too soon. Yesterday we filmed 2 scenes for and then Ryan and Matt, who is our editor extraordinaire, were editing the pornfidelity,com “Get My Belt Episode 4” until after 1:00AM. I think we all got to bed around 3:00 AM. This intense pace is going to kill us all. Either that or it is going to make my husband Ryan a very very bitter little bunny. Oops, by the look of this photo it may be too late. I suppose a little coffee and Baily’s and a chocolate egg from See’s candy will brighten my Easter morning. Yum. That’s what was in my Easter Basket this morning. Just for that, I think I’m going to have to definitely fuck the Easter Bunny. I mean, come on, he gave me See’s Candy : )

Hot Days and Hot Dogs and Hot Sex

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Couldn’t believe my luck last month with such a beautiful and warm day to be able to shoot outside. Got this pic from that hot ass day in February and finally got up the free trailer on my website, entitled “heat wave”. The rest of the days weren’t so great but I can’t complain about March so far. Warm days and cool nights make me really appreciate where I live. Bless the Gods of So Cal and the weather bestowed upon us!

Sad news, my dog Trey got sick again with aspiration pneumonia last week. He got something past that windpipe, or lack thereof, and both lungs were affected this time. Whatever got down there must not have been that big because only after a day of being on antibiotics and using the Nebulizer on him 3 times a day he seems almost perfect. He just wanted me spend another 1K on him. This dog will go down in history as the most expensive dog ever. Oh he’s worth it, just look at him.

OK, now for the Hot Sex part of the story. My husband who is over worked, I mean just check out’s newest update, was working on the computer all day on Saturday. We just didn’t have the time to do an actual shoot with lights and our camera guys and he had a golf tournament at 6AM the next morning so I offered to just make him dinner and let him shoot me with his little camera while doing so and then I would give him a hand job and then have sex with him in our bed. Real life, I suppose. It was fun and easy and he got dinner and I got sex and we all went to bed happy happy : )

“wow, an actual rear shot, that never happens with me!”

Football all gone…

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Mr. Madison is pretty depressed lately. Football season is over but the Superbowl game was great, that is, from what I saw of it. I was busy chatting up a storm with friends and relatives at the annual Superbowl party. Between all the snacks and drinks and laughs I barely saw a single play on the field. I did catch Beyonce’s half-time show and then went on talking and partying away. I did a Superbowl update last week just in time. I think I may have to dress up like this again this Sunday and try to take Ryan’s mind off of the fact that there are no games on. Poor baby : )

Christmas Cougars, radiation therapy, birthday promises…

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I’m giving you lots of Christmas Coochie so far this December. I started off the month on with a Christmas Cougar attack

and recently introduced you to a very Kinky Kris Kringle. I must say Santa really has a nice cock. Never know what’s hiding under a big belly!

Last week I gave you a Bloody Xmas on and more is to come.

On a sad note, my dog Trey started radiation therapy for his cancer 2 weeks ago and it isn’t going well. His radiation burns are severe and spending 5 hours a day driving him back and forth is taking a toll on me, on him and my business and my patience. We are over half-way through and it just gets tougher and tougher. I like to think of him like this as he was last year when we went to the Grand Canyon.

Speaking of last year, Ryan and I attended the Arizona football game for his 35th birthday. Unfortunately with our dog being ill and our schedules being beyond crazy we were unable to attend a pro-football game this year. We usually pick a team and a city and go and visit and root for the home team and Ryan buys the hometeam’s quarterback’s jersey and we just get a taste of somewhere new. We have been doing this for a few years and really enjoy it. This year my husband turned 36 and no game : (
I’ll have to make it up to him next year!

Here he is at the Grand Canyon last year on our road trip on our way down to the Arizona Stadium. I need to take him somewhere really good next year, any ideas? We’ve been to Minnesota, Dallas, San Diego, Arizona and were planning on taking the dogs and going to San Fransisco this year but had to cancel last minute. I like the idea of New Orleans, that would be fun and I’ve never been to that city. Or Green Bay so I can freeze my ass off.

Insane in the membrane

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Insane in the brain!

Look where I ended up, and my crazy Doctor did a bad bad nasty thing to me while I was all tied up and I liked it.

Check it out on my site, it updated last week.

This week I kept with the crazy theme and did an episode I like to call “Insane Clown Pussy”.

I find the mask rather appealing, hey this way I don’t have to worry about messing up my make-up as I fuck myself with my toy. Plus no one can recognize me, oh then again, maybe the tits give it away!

Creepy clowns are scarier than fuck and these guys got me so scared I came! Yeah, I like to twist fright and sexual excitement into one big emotion.

Check out my newest update on and keep an eye out for more Halloween themed updates. What can I say? I’m in my element and it is so natural to me, kinda like motherhood! Ha!

I’m a good doggy mother at least, just ask my pup Tommy.

New update

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

This is my newest update going up tonight on and it is called Men vs. Women. Look how cute Ryan is in that apron. Trust me, it was like pulling teeth to get him to wear that girly shit but he did it, bless his heart.

I got to wear something a little bit better.

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