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Respiratory Problems and Reflections on the Past

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Happy to say I am finally over the flu so the respiratory issues are not my own, they are of my poor little 11 year old Kaylee Girl. My precious pup who is hyper and crazy and chases critters all day long suddenly started breathing heavy, stopped drinking water and eating. I am in total shock because we went on a 2 mile walk in the morning, which we do almost daily, and then later that day she just changed instantly. I took her to the emergency vet Thursday night and they sent her home after doing some x-rays and simple blood work for a mere $750, insane pricing, right? Thank god for pet insurance, I highly recommend Trupanion. So on Friday she was worse and so I went back and then was referred to a specialist and drove for an hour and then 5 more hours of sitting and waiting and $1600 worth of more tests and still no answers. I have to wait until Wednesday for all the tests to come back, meanwhile I am giving her appetite stimulants and antibiotics and a medicine for her brachial tubes and watching her every moment to make sure she is breathing so haven’t slept a lot the last 2 nights.


So now that I got to complain about my puppy drama, let me tell you what has been going on with me. So I hit 50 this past August and lately I am have been checking the Internet on people from high school. I don’t know if it is a mid-life crisis or what but I have been thinking about the past, even listening to music from the 80’s and absolutely loving it. I wanted to reach out to some of my old friends, some of them know what I do for a living, others don’t so I didn’t know if it would be prudent to do so. I was looking up old boyfriends and one in particular I couldn’t find anything on, I knew he had become a police officer but that was about it. So this is where it gets weird…I am sitting and waiting at the vet, no shower, in some skanky yoga pants and no makeup, hair in a shitty ass bun and covered in dog hair, real sexy Kelly Madison style, NOT! In walks the first guy I ever had sex with, basically my first love that I dated for 3 years with his dog, WTF! I instantly knew it was him, we haven’t seen each other since the late 80’s. I was sitting there panicked with no sleep worried about my dog and then slammed right into the past and reminded of all the fun memories and I have to admit, it was a wonderful respite from the fear and worry. We laughed, we talked, we hugged and it was so nice to see him.


Again, I don’t know if it is because I have gotten older, but I have this desire to connect with all my old friends. I never felt this way before, I was too busy with my life and career, and quite honestly, didn’t care to be judged. Now that I am older I don’t fear what others think of me, they either have to accept me as I am or don’t respond to me. I’ll let you know how this goes, until then I will be driving around my dog to the vet while playing my 80’s music.


All things San Diego…

Monday, September 7th, 2015


I have spent a few days in San Diego County and loving every minute of it. Ryan and I took the doggies with us down to Rancho Santa Fe for a few days at a beautiful boutique hotel that allowed dogs which is always a plus, I hate having to sneak the little guys in : )


Actually the old days of sneaking dogs into hotel rooms is long gone. There are so many 4 star hotels that allow pets it makes it so much easier to travel with my hairy babies. This place was pristine. The weather was nice, the staff was great and the rooms were beautiful. I say “rooms” because we checked in on Sunday and checked out on Tuesday and went to lunch after packing up the car and decided we just couldn’t leave. So we checked back in, unloaded the car and stayed another night and it was so worth it. We had an even better suite and had a large patio all to ourselves. We drank some wine and played with the dogs and just relaxed. We finally drove home Wednesday morning and got back in the grind but not without some new content for my website. You know that even on my birthday getaway I can’t resist filming a few scenes for my fans. I love it.


I had only a few days home before leaving again with my sister down to Oceanside early Friday morning. I barely unpacked before packing again and heading down to see my niece. Our hotel room had a beautiful ocean view, and best of all, AC that worked awesome. It was unusually hot for the beach and our room was super chill just how I like it. Everything went great down south and we spent one day at the beach with the kids. The tide was really strong so my sister and my niece and myself were on heavy life guard duty since we were there with a 4 year old and 7 year old. When I wasn’t on duty I had a few hours of just playing in the surf with my sister and caught some good boogie board rides since the waves were really big.


My sister and I returned back to my home Sunday afternoon and we cooked dinner, watched some TV and passed out. Neither one of us have played in the surf all day long in years so we were pretty tuckered out. She unfortunately left too soon and drove back to Vegas early on Monday. I was gearing up to packing for my 3rd trip when my friend and I decided to postpone me going to Oregon until later in October and it was a good thing because by Wednesday I was sick as a dog. Funny how things worked out that way. I would hate to be out of town and feeling as poorly as I did. I went to see the doctor and now I am feeling much better. I tried doing it the holistic way and then after a few days of misery I finally broke down and got some antibiotics which I only use as a last ditch effort. I think our society has completely over used antibiotics causing major problems and leading to the ineffectiveness of those drugs.

Now I am well into my recovery and even had a nice belated birthday get together with Ryan’s family yesterday. I am truly fortunate to have in-laws that I adore. Ryan’s Grandmother is simply adorable. At 84 she has her own iMac, iPad, iPhone and knows how to use Uber. She’s also a very snappy dresser and is so fun to be around. I hope I’m that youthful and exuberant when I am her age, I hope to reach her age!

So today is Labor Day. All the employees have a paid holiday and Ryan is working tirelessly editing and such in the office by himself and I am at home catching up on work and writing my blog and even though we aren’t at a picnic or at the beach, I feel grateful to have the freedom we do have with our business and working on everyone else’s day off is no big deal at all. It doesn’t feel like work when you are doing what you love and no one is telling you that you have to work. So I hope everyone is having a great day whether you are at play or at work. Be safe and if you have a little time on your hands, be sure and check out out my new updates on


Peaks and Valleys

Sunday, October 5th, 2014


Alas I finally made it to the mountains in September. My birthday trip to June lake was of course delayed due to my sister’s health but after some moving around of the schedule and a great deal of thought and processing of guilt I was able to hit the road with Ryan and the dogs. As we left there was a blazing fire in the National Forest behind our home but our bags were packed and our insurance premiums paid so we said, “What the hell” and took off.


The drive through the desert was pleasant as always and we stopped off for some turkey jerky and homemade honey.


We left one hundred degree weather to a nice temperature in the high 70’s, low 80’s and even though it was warmer than what we were used to or even packed for, we were happy and grateful. The next day a fire began in the mountains not far from our little place of heaven. Luckily even though the major road was closed the mountains directly behind us were not ablaze and we were able to go on hikes. The winds were also in the opposite direction so even though our climb took us higher than the helicopters dropping water, we had fresh air and a gosh darn good view of the smoldering fire. At one point on our hike we were headed directly to where the fire was and I didn’t think it wise but then at the top of climb there was a lake we could always jump in if needed!


Tommy and Kaylee did great on the hike. It was a 5 mile hike, 2,000 feet increase in elevation and very steep the entire way so we went from an elevation of 7,000 feet to 9,000 feet in less than 2 hours. We packed snacks and water, oh yeah, Ryan carried us up two beers!



Unfortunately I didn’t see any bears, just this one in the lobby, cute flower, huh?


The only true bummer about the trip was coming home. I love the mountains, I grew up a beach girl but my heart belongs to the High Sierras. One day I will retire there, at least during the Spring through Fall and then reside at the beach during the winter. But for now, I shall submit to the squelching Southern California hot desert heat and deal with it the best way I know how – NAKED.


Happy Halloweenie!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Have a Boo-licious day and a scary titty-lating evening. Beware of goblins and ghosts and all things that go “bump” in the night.


Happy Halloween from Me, Ryan and the doggies. I wish that little devil Trey was still around. Oh well, now he can haunt me…

Get My Belt and get my suitcase!

Friday, August 23rd, 2013


I am so happy about the reviews we’ve been getting on the Get My Belt DVD. This is just a sampling of what is being written about it:

‘Get My Belt’ Has Critics Overwhelmed With Its Power
‘Best Film of the Year’; ‘Hard to Stop Watching’; ‘Exceptional’; ‘Nothing Can Compare’

“In these very hardcore, very strong vignette scenes, Kelly and Ryan Madison push the boundaries and senses of each woman here. It’s shot and edited very well and the vision of each piece is carried out exceptionally.”

So begins the AVN Editor’s Choice review of Get My Belt written by Heather Namikoshi, one of many accolades rolling in for the Madison masterpiece, which released earlier this summer. For those who haven’t yet seen the release, we offer a review of the reviews, which no doubt will turn into several awards nominations in the coming months.

Speaking of awards, Get My Belt is nominated for Adult Movie of the Year and the pairing of Chanel Preston and Ryan Madison is nominated for Hottest Sex Scene in the 2013 Sex Awards, which are decided by fan votes. Voting ends August 25 at 11:59 pm PST. To vote go to THE SEX AWARDS

“I have been reviewing adult films for twenty years and I have to say that I have never come across something like this two-disc release,” writes Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor at NightMoves Magazine and All Adult Network. “It is a film that will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but on the other hand it will raise the curiosity level higher than ever. It is a film that is hard, brutal, and rough and goes into the far reaches of your sexual senses. It is a film that pushes the boundaries further than I can recall in every scene.”

“While each of the four females in this very raw, no holds barred film, have displayed their sexual boundaries in other films, nothing can, or will, ever compare to this,” Koch continues. “Despite the subject matter of dominance, submission and more, this could well be the best film of the year.”

Gram Ponante wrote up Get My Belt for Fleshbot in his usual thoughtful manner, saying the movie “is impressive not only for its hard sex, committed performances, and cinematography, but also for its choices – Madison sticks with his character through four divergent scenes and does a few things that aren’t standard porn-dude fare. And the women take a real beating but their power is even greater.”

Get My Belt, he says, is “a movie that is arty without being distractingly so,” and “follows Madison as a sort of hooting and bearded, violent and vulnerable lunatic.”

A man who has seen it all, Roger T. Pipe at RogReviews, said, “it is really hard to stop watching this movie.”

“It is at once stunning and ragged around the edges,” Pipe writes. “There are some amazing shots captured without feeling too planned out. It really is unlike anything I would have expected and I really found it visually engaging.”

Weighing in at AINews is BDSM expert Rich Moreland, who says the closing scene with Skin Diamond “is sensational! Its bondage and cinematography is the best of the shoots. For BDSMers, this narrative alone is worth purchasing the DVD.”

Get My Belt from Pornfidelity isn’t just the most controversial adult movie of 2013, it is very likely the most artful, interesting, original and powerful title that will be released this year. Go to for more information.

Read the AVN review at The All Adult Network review is at Gram Ponante’s Fleshbot write-up is at Roger T. Pipe’s review is at Rich Moreland’s AINews review is at

As far as the earlier reference to a suitcase, well, I need to get the heck out of Dodge! If I sit here at my computer one more second I am going to scream.


I am out the door today to do some outdoor shooting up in the mountains, that is after a 5 hour drive with 2 stinky dogs in the car, and to celebrate my 46th birthday and sadly to bury my beloved dog’s ashes. It is all very bitter sweet as I mentioned in my earlier post.

Mammoth was his favorite place in the world, mine too.


Life couldn’t be fuller…

Monday, August 19th, 2013


What an unbelievable time in my life. Such achievements and joys and tragedies all happening at one time for me and it is a bit overwhelming. Let’s see, I just finished the 500th 3 part episode for pornfidelity which was a huge undertaking and I debuted my personally directed and produced scene on and I have been working on some personal matters that are all now finally coming to fruition which will take a ton of weight off my back and open up more time in my life to enjoy my success and then to be blindsided with the tragic death of my beloved dog and then a few weeks later after his passing have Brandi Love as a guest at my home and to shoot with who I adore and had so much fun with all has had me on a crazy roller coaster of emotions.


I don’t know whether I should have an eternal smile on my face or be severely depressed. Quite honestly I have been doing both. Really, this has been the most rewarding time in my life and one of the worst times in my life. Thank you to those of you that sent me such kind words about the passing of my baby. And thank you for the wonderful response on the 500th and the Brazzers scene. I am truly grateful to all of you that support me. I’m also getting extra snuggles from my other dogs and that helps too! Here I am forcing a kiss on Tommy.


I am going to be heading up to Mammoth soon to bury my dog’s ashes and to shoot some content for my site. It will be another joyful yet sad time for me. I love love love the mountains and I’ll have my husband and my two other puppies with me and I really enjoy shooting up in the mountains but I do have to say goodbye to Trey. I think it will help with my grieving process.


On a happier note, I’ve been having a lot of fun with my updates. I particularly like this one, entitled “Deadliest Snatch”. I get a bit out there with the names of my updates but that fishnet was really digging in so I thought the name to be aprpro.

Where do I begin?

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

I have indeed finally hit a wall. Even I, Kelly Madison the hardest working woman in porn can admit that I’ve taken on too much. My house has been re-created into a fantasy circus porn set. My windows are still covered to block out all the sun and the outside of the windows covered in heavy white paper to keep out the heat. My formal living room is stuffed to the gills with various furniture items throughout the house and sectioned off with a long utility table covered with battery chargers, cords, camera and lighting equipment and any gadget from tape to a screw driver at the ready hands of my crew. There are cords running through my house taped to my marble floors. There are clothing racks in my dining area with wardrobe hanging from it. For the Pornfidelity 500th episodes I literally had 11 outfit changes! Not to mention the 6 girls I hired for multiple days to shoot multiple scenes and all their costuming and propping. Ryan even had various costume changes. We are shooting the last scene today which will be on and also as a bonus scene on

I have been tragically too sad and too busy to blog the past few weeks and especially so the past few days. I lost my baby. My boy Trey had fallen ill shortly after the major over-haul of my home. His back legs went out, his spine was going and we had the signs of the scraping of the toes on the ground and the difficulty walking and getting himself up and we were prepared for the eventual loss of movement but one Monday 2 weeks ago he was walking around the neighborhood the night before and suddenly woke up the next morning and couldn’t walk at all. Ryan and I had no problem lugging the 104 pound pup around with a make-shift harness to do his business and immediately ordered him a real harness along with a special order wheelchair. So in between the busiest days of my life my baby was paralyzed and completely dependent on me.

As of last Sunday after the big 3 days shooting extravaganza he began losing control of his bladder. So I bought him doggy diapers which of course were way too small so I ordered him XXL ones online. I took him in to the vet and his bladder had expanded which was adding to the problem. I went home and made him his special meatballs and drove back to the vet and fed him and said goodnight. The next day he took a turn for the worse. I went and got my baby and brought him home. They gave him a pain shot right before leaving which made him loopy as hell. I lay him on our mattress that we took off our bed and put on the floor and Ryan and I lay beside him. His nose started to bleed and we worried that he would aspirate from it since he has what is called a tie-back on his larynx. We opened him up a beer and let him drink it. We made him pizza which he only had a few bites of and gave him strawberry ice cream and kissed him a million times and when his breathing at 4:00 AM began to be too labored we took him in. I lay with him in the back of the Escalade knowing this was the last time I would be able to hold him. I went in and out of sleep in sort of a dream like state. I felt like it really wasn’t happening.

We had his chest x-rayed and sure enough, he had aspiration pneumonia from the bloody nose. He was so weak. In our 13 or so years together we had beat severe skin allergies and found a cure in natural enzymes and the proper diet, 2 surgeries to remove a tennis ball from his intestines, Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia which is fatal and required high doses of prednisone for an extended period of time which ate away his muscles in his back legs so then we did a year of hydrotherapy with an animal physical therapist, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis which is usually fatal but again he pulled through, a crazy tick attack in the backwoods, laryngeal paralysis and the tie-back surgery to fix it, 5 fatal episodes of aspiration pneumonia and the therapy to heal him which included 3 times a day to be nebulized for 20 minutes and his chest pounded on for 10 minutes to help clear his lungs, a liposarcoma cancer diagnoses with surgery to remove the tumor then another surgery because the incision wasn’t healing properly, another cancer diagnoses with another surgery followed by 19 treatments of radiation and in all of this he was so happy to go the vet! He got his monthly accupuncture treatments and monthly bloodwork and he was still healthy and happy and wanting to just keep on living.

That seemingly boundless desire to live through anything finally began to shift into low gear. I could see it in his eyes. He didn’t want to walk in the wheelchair, he didn’t want diapers. He did want the beer. I wish I could have kept him at home for a few days and just fed him and gave him anything his heart desired but he only gave me 12 hours. 12 precious hours and they were finally over and I had to say goodbye to my best friend. My baby. My Trey.

So you see I haven’t been very available to blog or even to breathe lately. I never had a dog. He was my first. I never had a child. He was it. I am slowly coming back to the real world and I am working today. Trey always liked to be on set and look at the pretty girls and to be with us. He liked getting under the camera person’s legs as they are trying to get the shot. He was part of the company and a main character in the family. He will be missed but not forgotten. I’ve spoken of this damn dog more than I speak of my husband. What can I say? I had a love affair with a big yellow dogIMG_3656.

Topless driving, Beach cruising, Rail roading, Desert fucking, Old schooling and Lizard saving

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Well well, ladies and gentlemen, there is lots to be told today. Of course my website is updated each and every week and for those that are not members YET, check out my latest Sex-ventures!

First we have the hard working business woman who desperately needs to touch herself in the car while driving home and then proceeds to cum over and over again with the aid of let’s call it, a business partner. It assists in the business of “getting off”

Next we have the beach cruiser episode where things get a bit fast with my top pulled down. Nothing like blatant displays of activity while topless. I even mounted a camera on my dog’s head and got his perspective. You’ve got to see it!

Our next dish we have on the menu you have already gotten a peak at. A Steam Punk Peak that is.

And we go out to the desert for our dessert for the evening. Everything sexy and naughty happens out in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night and that night was noooo exception. Really hot sex!

We then round out our updates with an oldie but a goodie. This was a re-mix re-mastered old shool episode entitled “Kelly Craves Cock” originally filmed back in 2003. Same is true now as it was back then, still craving it!

Now the lizard reference in my title above doesn’t refer to an update, but rather an adventure I had yesterday. My husband owns a sports car and we had trouble a while ago with field mice getting in our garage and since he doesn’t drive it much, we were worried about mice getting to the electrical. Well, my exterminator put a glue trap under the car. I don’t believe in glue traps because I find them inhumane. If you are going to kill a varmint, then do it quickly, don’t make the little guy suffer. He must have placed them under the car unbeknownst to me so when my husband drove it out of our garage there was a lizard stuck to it.

The poor guy seemed pretty miserable. Everything was stuck to it, even his little pointy head. I got out the mineral oil and carefully pried each tiny little finger from the glue. I then washed the oil off his body and set him lose. I hope he is back to living a good little lizard life. But the more likely story is that after all my painstaking work to set him free with all his fingers and toes he probably just ended up as snack for my dog since she hunts lizards all day long. Geez, I can’t win!

Radio, Steampunk, Sin City and Porn Site

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Hey guys, I was llive on the this week. It was really fun. Of course I was stuck at the vet with the dog on Tuesday so I had to call in from the car, I really wanted to call in from home so I could be naked! Oh well, next time maybe…

I just put on my newest video entitled “Off the Rails”. It is a steampunk style video and Ryan plays the evil Victor Van Madison and trust, me he is off the rails. While filming down at the train tracks I dared him to jump on a fast moving train and he fucking did it! He jumped on the train and rode it quite a ways and then finally jumped off. The train was going pretty fast so I thought I might have to drive to the next county or state to pick him up once the train slowed down but the crazy guy jumped back off. The video turned out great and Ryan is alive to shoot yet another scene!

I’m on my way to Las Vegas for my sister’s surprise birthday party. I packed up my sick dogs and all their shit and I’m off. I swear I have more medicine and special dog food and dog beds and crap jammed in my car. Meanwhile I have one tiny little bag. I am so low maintenance, my dogs on the other hand, are, uh, a handful!

I have been slaving away on my website. I have gone through over 600 episodes to organize and re-master the videos in order to finish my new member’s section. I have over 950 updates on my website to go through. Each photo and story and video all has to be organized and re-numbered and in a lot of cases re-edited to a newer format so it is just taking forever! I promise it will be done soon. I am so sick of looking at myself I could gouge my eyes out. I just still can’t get over how much bigger my breasts have gotten since I started my website back in 2000. Crazy.

Well, I’m outta here. Kisses to all and to all a great weekend!

Feeling Blue?

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

I am feeling a bit blue today. Maybe not in mood but in dress!

I wish everyone well this Sunday. I had a a very busy week, but then again that is nothing new. I took Tommy and Trey to a Dermatologist on Tuesday and finally got something to heal up Trey’s radiation burn that still wasn’t healed since the end of December and found out that Tommy may have discoid lupus but it is inconclusive until we do a biopsy on his nose – OUCH! With that said, I had a lot of work to do on a new company I am working on and setting up for 3 production shoots this week. I also bought a new computer, a new iphone, a new ipad and took my old imac in for repair so lots of new technology and change has gone on this week and I’m still trying to get used to it all. I hate change. I would still be using my old computer and software from 14 years ago if my husband didn’t kick me in the ass every few years and force me to upgrade. I am soooo not cutting edge. I’m more like a butter knife : )

Today we are shooting a scene. We don’t usually work on Sundays but our lovely model had to cancel Thursday and re-schedule so now here we all are working today on set. Even my office manager came in to do some accounting work. I am going to finish up here early and take the dogs to go get mani pedis and then work on the computer some more. I think I need a day off soon, Mother’s day was fine last week but it was effort and travel and yes indeed fun but it’s not like staying at home and relaxing. I haven’t spent a day at home just chillin’ in so long I can’t remember. One thing about having your own business or in my case businesses is that there is ALWAYS something to do. I feel guilty if I’m not getting my tasks accomplished so even resting sort of gives me guilt. I know a lot of you out there are like me. It seems with the more technology there is in the world the more it creates opportunities to be productive at all times and down time just isn’t in the program.

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