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Awards, Updates, Nursing and more…

Thursday, October 24th, 2013


Hello Everyone, reporting in live from Las Vegas where I have transformed into my alter ego, Nurse Kelly for reals this time. Usually this time of year I am dressing up as Nurse Kelly and having my way with the good Dr. but alas I am my sister’s nurse instead. She went in for removal of her uterine cancer last Wednesday and I have been by her side ever since. I will be staying with her until this coming Monday. Her surgery went well but her recovery was slow at first but now she is walking and doing great. We find out today what her chemo schedule will look like. Fingers crossed it won’t be too severe and she should be on her way to a happy healthy life!


I am happy to say I updated my site last week with a “Breast Appreciation” episode. Number 8 went up last Friday and to my surprise, it was almost 3 years since my last one! I would have bet you a million bucks I did some last year but no, it has been way too long. I am definitely bringing back those kind of shoots for 2014 which is just around the corner. Really, where the hell has this year gone? 2013 only has a few months left to it. How can that be? It was just 4th of July last week, I swear. Above is a sample of the “Appreciciation #8” video/photo shoot and below is a photo from “Miami Bitch” the week prior. Both are slow and sensual breast accentuating videos involving lotion and toys and slow motion action. These were made for my breast lovers out there. It can’t be all about the cock worship ALL the time…


I have been so wonderfully blessed by this industry lately. I got to present at the Sex Awards as I mentioned in my prior postings and I was blessed that I along with my company had several nominations. I really enjoyed myself that night. I was able to see the girls in the industry that I just adore like Bonnie Rotten and Alexis Texas and Allison Moore who I presented with and Sandee Westgate and her sexy man Jared. I was with my “crew” that night and Brandi Love was my hot date and it was a long needed wonderful girls night out. I started off in a long Halston navy dress for the presenting and then afterwards I changed into a little gold dress and thank god I did because everyone was stepping on my long dress and I just couldn’t take it any longer. Plus it was more fun to move around in and get nasty.


We stayed at the Roosevelt and stayed up way past our bedtimes that evening, poor Brandi never did get any sleep and she was out the door by 4:00AM and on a plane for Florida to attend the Nightmoves show. Surprisingly, I won for “Best Boobs” at that Nightmoves awards show, I should have gotten on the plane with Brandi to accept it in person. Next time! Thank you to AVN and X3sixty for allowing me to be a part of the Sex Awards and thank you so much Nightmoves and all that voted for me granting me my big win. Woo hoo!

IMG_1142 Photo I sent to Ryan the other night from inside my sister’s bathroom.

I like sexting my husband.

Hollywood or Bust!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


My my my things have been busy around here. I never got a chance to post about the AVN article I was in. I was in the Sept. AVN Cover Story where I was named as an Adult Biz ‘Game Changer’! It was truly an honor to be mentioned at one of the top 30 female game changers in our industry. Check out the article here:

AVN article


Also, I am going up to Hollywood tonight for rehearsal for the Sex Awards. Tomorrow night is the big show that will be televised on Showtime sometime in January. Our work from this year is getting recognized with nominations the 2013 Sex Awards. Here again is the list of noms:


Pornstar of the Year: Kelly Madison
Hottest Sex Scene: Get My Belt, Chanel Preston & Ryan Madison
Hottest Adult Stud: Ryan Madison
Adult Movie of the Year: Get My Belt
Favorite Adult Website:
Porn’s Best Body: Kelly Madison
Favorite Porn Star Website:
Favorite Director: Ryan Madison
Porn’s Perfect Screen Couple: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison

Hey, as I’ve said before, I don’t expect any wins but the nominations are so super cool and I am so excited to be a presenter. Yeah!

Even more news, last week we released the DVD for Madison’s Mad Mad Circus, which is the results of us putting everything we had into a giant 500th scene for the Pornfidelity site and creating enough material in the 3 part episode along with bonus content from to make a complete DVD. Circus stars of course me and Ryan along with Annika Albright, Christie Mack, Jacky Joy, Kendra Lust, Brooklyn Chase and Romi Rain. Check out the trailer on our 500th episode grand finale here:

Pornfidelity 500th


What a year 2013 has turned out to be so far. I actually can’t believe we are in the month of October already. “Get My Belt” has had unbelievable critical acclaim, we produced and survived our 500th scene for, the Sex Awards nominations and the chance to be presenter on the show, the successful DVD sales this year and we are coming up on our 100th scene as well as the milestone 1000th scene for Sometimes I have to stop and catch my breath these days. Thank you to all of you for making this year so special and for being so supportive with your joins, DVD purchases, online votes and your great comments and suggestions in order to make Kelly Madison Media the best we can make it!

Get My Belt


Get My Belt and get my suitcase!

Friday, August 23rd, 2013


I am so happy about the reviews we’ve been getting on the Get My Belt DVD. This is just a sampling of what is being written about it:

‘Get My Belt’ Has Critics Overwhelmed With Its Power
‘Best Film of the Year’; ‘Hard to Stop Watching’; ‘Exceptional’; ‘Nothing Can Compare’

“In these very hardcore, very strong vignette scenes, Kelly and Ryan Madison push the boundaries and senses of each woman here. It’s shot and edited very well and the vision of each piece is carried out exceptionally.”

So begins the AVN Editor’s Choice review of Get My Belt written by Heather Namikoshi, one of many accolades rolling in for the Madison masterpiece, which released earlier this summer. For those who haven’t yet seen the release, we offer a review of the reviews, which no doubt will turn into several awards nominations in the coming months.

Speaking of awards, Get My Belt is nominated for Adult Movie of the Year and the pairing of Chanel Preston and Ryan Madison is nominated for Hottest Sex Scene in the 2013 Sex Awards, which are decided by fan votes. Voting ends August 25 at 11:59 pm PST. To vote go to THE SEX AWARDS

“I have been reviewing adult films for twenty years and I have to say that I have never come across something like this two-disc release,” writes Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor at NightMoves Magazine and All Adult Network. “It is a film that will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but on the other hand it will raise the curiosity level higher than ever. It is a film that is hard, brutal, and rough and goes into the far reaches of your sexual senses. It is a film that pushes the boundaries further than I can recall in every scene.”

“While each of the four females in this very raw, no holds barred film, have displayed their sexual boundaries in other films, nothing can, or will, ever compare to this,” Koch continues. “Despite the subject matter of dominance, submission and more, this could well be the best film of the year.”

Gram Ponante wrote up Get My Belt for Fleshbot in his usual thoughtful manner, saying the movie “is impressive not only for its hard sex, committed performances, and cinematography, but also for its choices – Madison sticks with his character through four divergent scenes and does a few things that aren’t standard porn-dude fare. And the women take a real beating but their power is even greater.”

Get My Belt, he says, is “a movie that is arty without being distractingly so,” and “follows Madison as a sort of hooting and bearded, violent and vulnerable lunatic.”

A man who has seen it all, Roger T. Pipe at RogReviews, said, “it is really hard to stop watching this movie.”

“It is at once stunning and ragged around the edges,” Pipe writes. “There are some amazing shots captured without feeling too planned out. It really is unlike anything I would have expected and I really found it visually engaging.”

Weighing in at AINews is BDSM expert Rich Moreland, who says the closing scene with Skin Diamond “is sensational! Its bondage and cinematography is the best of the shoots. For BDSMers, this narrative alone is worth purchasing the DVD.”

Get My Belt from Pornfidelity isn’t just the most controversial adult movie of 2013, it is very likely the most artful, interesting, original and powerful title that will be released this year. Go to for more information.

Read the AVN review at The All Adult Network review is at Gram Ponante’s Fleshbot write-up is at Roger T. Pipe’s review is at Rich Moreland’s AINews review is at

As far as the earlier reference to a suitcase, well, I need to get the heck out of Dodge! If I sit here at my computer one more second I am going to scream.


I am out the door today to do some outdoor shooting up in the mountains, that is after a 5 hour drive with 2 stinky dogs in the car, and to celebrate my 46th birthday and sadly to bury my beloved dog’s ashes. It is all very bitter sweet as I mentioned in my earlier post.

Mammoth was his favorite place in the world, mine too.


More stuff to vote for…

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 10.24.25 AM

OK, I’ve got several nominations on The Sex Awards webiste. Woo hoo, didn’t even realize. Ryan is up for several too. So go ahead and vote away please. Also, a charity that I have been a contributing member to for several years is also having an online vote. The charity is called Food on Foot where they not only feed the homeless but have them work for it and get them back into society as tax paying individuals. It is amazing what they do. So click here and help them out, doesn’t cost a dime and you don’t have to register your email address. Just a simple click on the vote button.

Food on Foot


Vote 4 me!

Friday, August 9th, 2013


OK, I never prostitute out for votes but today, well I decided I at least wanted to place in the top ten so I’m going to need lots of votes. I also just found out that I will be a presenter for the awards show in October and I am very excited about that. So please vote for me. They aren’t going to spam the fuck out of your email address, the company is run by the man who used to run AVN so you aren’t handing over your email address to some sleezy porn producer, uh, like me!

Click here to place your vote:


Thanks for taking the time to do the vote. I really appreciate it and sorry again for bugging you to vote : )

Radio, Steampunk, Sin City and Porn Site

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Hey guys, I was llive on the this week. It was really fun. Of course I was stuck at the vet with the dog on Tuesday so I had to call in from the car, I really wanted to call in from home so I could be naked! Oh well, next time maybe…

I just put on my newest video entitled “Off the Rails”. It is a steampunk style video and Ryan plays the evil Victor Van Madison and trust, me he is off the rails. While filming down at the train tracks I dared him to jump on a fast moving train and he fucking did it! He jumped on the train and rode it quite a ways and then finally jumped off. The train was going pretty fast so I thought I might have to drive to the next county or state to pick him up once the train slowed down but the crazy guy jumped back off. The video turned out great and Ryan is alive to shoot yet another scene!

I’m on my way to Las Vegas for my sister’s surprise birthday party. I packed up my sick dogs and all their shit and I’m off. I swear I have more medicine and special dog food and dog beds and crap jammed in my car. Meanwhile I have one tiny little bag. I am so low maintenance, my dogs on the other hand, are, uh, a handful!

I have been slaving away on my website. I have gone through over 600 episodes to organize and re-master the videos in order to finish my new member’s section. I have over 950 updates on my website to go through. Each photo and story and video all has to be organized and re-numbered and in a lot of cases re-edited to a newer format so it is just taking forever! I promise it will be done soon. I am so sick of looking at myself I could gouge my eyes out. I just still can’t get over how much bigger my breasts have gotten since I started my website back in 2000. Crazy.

Well, I’m outta here. Kisses to all and to all a great weekend!

AVN, Dog Drama, and doing the nasty…

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Wow, I really suck. I have not even shared a single photo from AVN with you guys as of yet. OK, I’ll quit being a LAZY ass and get these posted. First, let me say that going to Vegas with just the girls was the BEST idea I ever had. My girls are easy as fuck to hang with. So much fun, no drama, no having to wait on the dudes or having to behave while in Vegas. Yeah baby.

As I said, myy girls are awesome and they drove in to Vegas late Friday night while I was shooting porn. Mama’s got to work. I got on a plane early Saturday morning and ran into one of the guys from We Fresh Mints on my plane that had made a rap a few years ago for our porfidelity site. If you haven’t heard it, it is awesome. He said that he and his partner have a new rap for me, I’m dying to hear it. We hung out at the airport pick-up area both waiting for our rides. I loved meeting him in person.

These photos are from the actual convention that we attended for just a few hours on Saturday. I didn’t sign at our booth due to my ill dog but lucky me got to pay for part of our booth anyway. That’s what happens when you own your own production company, whether you are there or not you get the bill, can’t complain I got motorboated : )

This is the “All Girl Gang” before we got in our limo to attend the awards after my Kelly Madison Media team did their magic on me:

And here is a shot of me on the red carpet.

I, of course had to search out my long lost bestie Puma Swede on the red carpet and luckily ran into Fat Mike as well from NOFX and his hot as hell girlfriend (wife?) and their very charming and diminutive slave.

After the awards we had our driver hit Taco Bell where I tore my constricting corset top off while in the car and paid for our food topless. Those photos will be in my BTS section for January. You’ll have to wait for those, sorry.

Then it was home the next morning at the crack-o-dawn to take care of my little guy. He’s just so damn cute. Yes, that is the radiation burn that I am nursing on him and it isn’t pretty. Hide your eyes you have a queasy tummy.

Whoa stomach, right? Tell me about it, this is a month after the radiation treatment ceased. Thank god I have him on pain meds.

After that nastiness, I had to give you something hopefully better to look at, this a photo from last week’s episode called “Gymboobie”, actually I was just trying to get in shape for AVN:

I was so excited to see my husband when I got home. It was fun with the girls but “doing the nasty” with him when I came home was a nice homecoming to say the least. Thanks for being patient on my blog updates. Sometimes I just think my life is too boring to pour it all out on the Internet. I forget that is my job. I am a child, so to speak, of the Internet. I wouldn’t have the wonderful life I have without people out there that are actually interested in little ‘ol me so thanks everybody. Kisses!

I wasn’t gonna but now I am!

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Yep, headed for Vegas. Getting on a plane this morning and flying to Las Vegas to attend the AVN Awards show. I didn’t go last year at all so I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hang out with all my fellow porn peeps. I’ve really been tied down taking care of my doggy but Ryan is going to be a good doggy daddy for me and take care of the big guy so I can leave town for 24 hours. My office manager, hairstylist/assistant and my makeup girl all drove out last night so the dream team is picking me up today at the airport and doing their magic on me. I’m sure they were “good girls” and didn’t party last night and are nice and refreshed for the day – yeah right!

I’ll take some photos for you and post them here on Sunday. My company is nominated for 15 AVN awards. It really is just nice to be recognized and receive all those noms. Thanks AVN!

And don’t forget to check out my new pics and video entitled “Dirty Girl”. I’m a dirty dirty girl doing laundry. I really enjoyed the spin cycle!


Holy Shit Batman! We got a ton of Noms!

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Wow, I am super duper excited. Last week we were nominated for several AVN awards.

Here is the massive list. Seriously, so stoked and so honored. Great job team!

Best Porn Star Website
Kelly Madison (

MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year
Kelly Madison

Best Three-Way Sex Scene
Cumgasm, Kelly Madison/Juicy; Kelly Madison, Bree Olson & Ryan Madison

Best Internal Release
Teen Fidelity’s Deep Creampies, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Interracial Release
We Vow to Bang Black Beotches, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Specialty Release – Other Genre
Porn Fidelity Goes Preggo!, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Most Outrageous Sex Scene
Big Titty MILFs, Kelly Madison/Juicy; Kelly Madison & Brandi Love in “Cumsicle for Two”

Best New Series
Fuck ‘Em Slutty, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Big Bust Release
Natty Knockers 2, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best MILF/Cougar Release
Big Titty MILFs, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Ethnic Release – Latin
Spouses Nut on a Latin Slut 2, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best All-Sex Release
White Room, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Clever Title of the Year
We Vow to Bang Black Beotches, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Release
Porn Fidelity Goes Hardcore 2, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Anal Series
Pump That Rump, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Oh yeah, and if you like black latex, well check out my newest update on

All black, All tight, All tits!

And so sorry for the late announcement. I have been driving back and forth to Carlsbad every day to take my dog Trey to and from radiation treatment for his cancer. I so need an ipad. Hmm, maybe a secret Santa at there can get me one : )

Woo hoo!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Thanks Xbiz for the nominations. I was nominated for Performer Site of the Year and Web Star of the Year. Can’t beat that with a stick! I am so honored to be nominated. Xbiz is the best. I won an award in 2011 and I’m still gloating about that. Thank you again and it really feels good to be recognized for all my efforts especially when I’m competing with so many young women who are half my age. That’s a sobering thought, makes me wanna go drink some wine : )

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