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A few questions I was recently asked, thought I would share them with you.

1. Kelly, how and when did you enter adult film industry? 33

2. Were you a bad girl in high school? I guess you were… Not really, lets just say I was a late bloomer.

3. How did your family react to your career choice? My father had already passed but my mother was extremely supportive for me to start my website.

4. Do you think you inherited the adventurous personality from your father who was a stunt man? Yes, he was also a big ham just like me 🙂

5. Let’s talk about your beautiful big boobs. Do they have names? I mean pet names like sweety and baby? Do you think getting implants is pretty much a prerequisite for getting the good jobs in porn? No nicknames other than neck pain and back pain, that could be their names! I do think the girls in our industry need implants because large breasts are so sexual and bigger than life. If I didn’t naturally grow them I would have had surgery for sure.

6. The best orgasm you’ve ever had? Doing what, with whom? With my husband on the first night of our honeymoon. I am not making this up. He was fucking me and rubbing his thumb on my clit and we were in Rome. It was so damn explosive. I screamed so loud that I think a few blocks fell off the Colosseum!

7. What’s your favorite position? Why? On video would be doggy so my tits can swing to and fro but in my personal life, missionary so that I can be fucked, kissed and held all at the same time

8. I see you and your husband are swingers. Tell me about your swinging lifestyle. How long have you been swingers, and why did you choose to make swinging a part of your sex life? We discovered it about 7 years ago. I like girls and he likes girls so it was an easy choice to make. We just went one step further and started to film our escapades and then hire girls to fuck us. Easy as that.

9. What is your relationship like? Can you cheat anytime you want? No, and he only has sex with other women when I am not around if it is for a scene. He’s a good boy and I am true as the day is long.

10. Does your private sex life improve your sex in porn movies, or is it vice-versa? Any example? Real life enhances sex on camera. My husband and I will be having sex and we stop and say now lets do this on camera.

11. What is your relationship like with your cousin Janine Lindemulder? We don’t get to see each other much but she is always in my heart, especially now that she is in prison. It is so stupid that she has to go for 6 months.

12. How would you rate your: Blowjob skills? Anal skills? DP skills? GangBang skills? And, If I asked actors you’ve worked with to describe you, what do you think they would say? Blowjob – effective, Anal – good but not often enough, DP – I can take it like a champ – Gang Bang with 4 other girls and my husband, a 10! I think the other girls I worked with would say I have a nice long tongue and I know how to use it.

13. Your energy level is super high, you milk dicks so well until cum shoots from them like a fountain! Where does your energy come from? Caffeine and genetics.

14. Tell me a very dirty sex story from your personal life. I think my site portrays my personal dirty sexy stories from my real life. I like to eat pussy and I like to see my man sticking his cock in other women. We could be here all day with all my stories!

15. Tell me about and what makes it so special and unique. It is special because it is so huge. My site is one of if the largest individual model site on the net today.

16. How have your career goals been evolving since you started working in porn? From the beginning of my site to the development of and our successful DVD series I have always strived to give the customer the best I can. I am now working with such better technology and my team is so excellent at what they do now so the new content I produce is so much better than before.

17. How, if at all, does being a successful entrepreneur affect work-life balance? Does it bring any change to your lifestyle? Thank you for the compliment first of all. I love my work and I am able to have the freedom to work from home. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband works with our employees at our office so this allows me a lot of personal time to spend with my dogs and to work harder on my site and developing shoot ideas and to write to my fans.

18. Porn is a profitable business, and you make much more money that the average person. What do you plan to do with the money you earn? I have SEP Iras, I have a 401K for myself and my employees and I have invested in real estate which I hope takes a positive turn in the future. I am not that into buying expensive purses and shoes and jewelry. I like having money in the bank and money in retirement. I took a few years and spent my money foolishly but I quickly learned that an impulse buy doesn’t feel as good as a fat wallet and I think my priorities are straight now. I also enjoy giving to charity. My dream is to some rich old lady who just gives away her money all the time to the needy.

19. Under what conditions do you feel the greatest serenity and happiness? When I am giving to others.

20. What are your hobbies? My dogs, cooking, my dogs, traveling, my dogs, interior decorating, my dogs, and oh, did I mention my dogs?dsc_00812

21. Do you have a favorite motto or slogan? Work hard, play hard, love hard!

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